How Sandfishing works in My Time at Sandrock

Fish on.

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Sandfishing is a way for you to capture elusive fishing in My Time at Sandrock. It’s slightly different than traditional fishing, and you’ll need to lead your potential catch on a bit more than you would be using a fishing rod. The rewards are useful if you’re trying to make any food recipes, and the fish sell for a reasonable price. Here’s what you need to know about how Sandfishing works in My Time at Sandrock.

How to go Sandfishing

You will need a Basic Sandfish Trap or anything better before you can go Sandfishing. Make sure to have one in your inventory, along with a sandworm. You can find sandworms out in the desert, or you might find one while breaking open a rock. With both of those items in your inventory, head out to any fishing locations near Sandrock. When you arrive, you’ll be able to find a particular spot where you can interact with the fishing location and begin.

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When you start fishing, you’ll see them gliding through the sand like they were in the water. Over time, the fish will go down underneath the sand, and you won’t be able to see where they are. You need to toss a sandworm close to where they might be underneath the sand to lure them out. Unfortunately, the worm does not remain there forever. It will slowly sink into the sand, and you’ll need to toss another one to lure them to the surface. When a fish locates the sandworm, you’ll see it slowly cutting through the sand to try and eat it.

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You can then use your Sandtrap to try and capture the fire. You want to cast it in the fish’s direction, not where it is, and reel it to you. Casting your Sandtrap costs stamina.

Sandfishing is not an activity you can do at the end of a day unless you saved stamina. You can find unique fish at each Sandrock fishing spot, and we recommend checking them out and bringing different bait to lure the fish out of hiding.