How shareholders meetings work and how to beat them in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

It’s an intense mini-game.

When you unlock the management tab in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Yasuga has access to a business mini-game that can earn you quite a bit of yen if you stick with it. While it takes quite a bit of time to work through it, it’s worth your time if you want to receive a good amount of yen in the middle of the game. Every four business days, Yasuga has to take some of his employees to its shareholders and answer their questions. It’s an important aspect of the mini-game as it gives you access to more funds and increases your ranking every time you’re successful.

How to prepare for shareholder meetings

The shareholder meetings happen at a static time, every four business days. Right before you go to one, you’ll see Yasuga’s face at the bottom of the business management page. Yasuga attends these meetings with four employees that you can choose. Before attending these meetings, visit the board room where you can gain some insight into what will happen and what type of shareholders you’ll be facing against.

The board room

You’ll see the biggest challenges you’ll be facing in the board room when speaking to the shareholders. On the left side, you’ll see the business net worth, your employee’s overall happiness, and how many sales you’ve made per period. The net worth and sales period graphics are ones you cannot change. You cannot attempt to influence them before a shareholder meeting, so they’ll stay that way if they’re doing badly. But you can modify how the employees are feeling by increasing their happiness, by giving them bonuses on the employee page. It’s a good idea to utilize this if the net worth and sales period numbers bring down your status by five to 10%. 

Once you have that figured out, there’s the right side of the board room where you can see what type of shareholders you’ll be facing off against and the employees you’ll be bringing. You won’t modify the shareholders, but you can change the employees you’ll be bringing with you. The shareholders will have a color associated with them, as will your employees. These colors represent aspects of your company and what the shareholder will be asking questions about. These colors are weak to color and strong against another.

Red is weak to green but strong to blue. Blue is weak to red but strong against green. Green is weak to blue but strong to green. You want to bring employees who counter the majority of the shareholders during the meeting, so if there are more blue shareholders, you want to bring several red ones. 

Your employees also have tenacity and charisma stats. Having high levels of both makes them more effective during the meeting, and they’ll do more damage to the shareholders.

The shareholder meeting

After choosing the employees you want to take with you to the meeting, it’s time to attend it and answer all of the questions. How it works is Kasuga asks a shareholder to speak, and they’ll scream their question, frustrated with things, and demand answers. The shareholders will ask questions when Kasuga chooses to call on them, but they won’t wait forever. They will ask their question if you wait too long, and you’ll answer them.

That question comes up as a color, and you want to pick the employee who can counter that color to answer. So if a shareholder asks a green question, you want an employee with blue to answer it, not red. Green can answer it, but the employee with blue can immediately destroy the question. 

A shareholder can ask any of the three color questions, so if they are blue, they might ask a red or green one. Failing to answer the question damages the employee you are hovering over, and if they go down, they will be unable to answer any more questions.

Once you defeat the question, it opens the shareholder up to being damaged, and you can use employees to attack them. That’s where the shareholder colors come in, so the green shareholder will also be green, but the question they can ask can be any color. Before an employee answers a question or damages a shareholder, you will see if the attack is weak or not. There is a distinct “weak” symbol when you hover over an employee when a shareholder asks a question. When a shareholder is ready to be damaged, there’s a “counter choice” on the left side next to the timer of how long they will remain exposed before sitting back down.

To have an employee answer a question for the shareholder or damage them, it costs command points. These points refresh during the meeting, and you can increase how quickly they refresh by increasing your employee’s happiness. You want to watch how many command points you have available, how much it costs, and your refresh rate.

When you run into trouble, Kasuga has a meter where he can beg for forgiveness in front of the shareholders. There are three levels of forgiveness that he can choose. Begging for forgiveness damages shareholders, refreshes your employees’ health, and gives you a good amount of command points for your employees to use. Unfortunately, it does not revive any employees who have fallen during the meeting.

How to win a shareholder meeting

How you win a shareholder meeting is not about taking out every shareholder. Your primary goal is to reach 100% status with them. You can do this and still have one or two shareholders with some of their health left. You will have to defeat a few shareholders to ensure you reach that 100%, but don’t stress if you miss one or two.

By reaching 100% by the end of the meeting, your company’s worth goes up, your rank goes up, and Kasuga receives a bonus based on how much the company is worth holding the meeting. It’s a good way to farm yen if you’re ever strapped for money.