How Shift works in Deathloop

Dash through the air.

Image via Arkane Studios

One of the many Slab abilities you can earn in Deathloop is called Shift. For those who have played the Dishonored series, this ability works similarly to the teleport ability Korvo could use. It’s essentially the same thing, but if you’re new to Arkane Studios and their games, it’s going to be a little jarring when you first use it.

The ability is beneficial for acting as a way to teleport you around the map. It’s not a huge burst. It’s a few meters in front of you. There are two ways to use this ability. First, you can fire it off with a quick click, and you’ll jump in front of you. Second, if you hold down your Slab button while using it, you can highlight where you want to go and perform a teleport. The distance is the same, but you can choose where to go by holding down the button.

Every time you teleport, it’s going to use a charge of Power. Your Power recharges over time, so you can use it pretty consistently if you time your ability correctly. It’s a good way to dash away from enemies or scale the side of a building and teleport through a window.

When you die, you can expect to lose this. You receive this ability the first time you defeat Julianna.