How swimming works in Tribes of Midgard

You’ve almost made it to shore.

Image via Norsfell

Swimming is a mechanic that you can now use throughout your time in Tribes of Midgard. It arrived for the Serpent Saga, and you can use it any time you want to jump into the water. You don’t want to remain too long in the water. Your Viking may drown if they run out of stamina, or they might become too cold. In this guide, we’re going to cover how swimming works in Tribes of Midgard and the important details you should make sure to keep in mind.

You can start swimming whenever your Viking jumps into the water. This goes for any river, piece of the ocean, or if you fall overboard while manning your ship. While in the water, you’ll see a small bar above your character’s head, indicating their stamina meter.

The temperature of your Viking does go down while in the water, making them much colder than they usually would be. It’s a great idea to use this mechanic if you’re in a desert region and you’re overheating or if you want to remove any fire. Alternatively, if you’re in a biome that has lower temperatures, like the Ash Beach, jumping into the water is not a good idea.

You can return to the shore as soon as you reach the end and interact with the land. Your Viking will pick themselves up from the water, and they can continue on their adventure. If you lose your items while at Sea, they automatically come back with you, rather than a small item you have to grab when you return to your Village.