How the Caustic Treatment Town Takeover works in Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event

All that glitters is gold, but are you willing to bet your life on it?

Caustic Treatment caustic

The newest Town Takeover has arrived in Apex Legends, and this time, Caustic is taking the reins. Water Treatment is no more, as the Point-of-Interest has received a very special and deadly makeover.

Caustic Treatment Town Takeover

Caustic Treatment exterior
Image via Respawn

Caustic Treatment, the southernmost locale on the Kings Canyon map, will become the hottest drop on the map. Caustic Treatment is a tall yellow factory full of toxic components. But what about it is so alluring? Let’s take a look.

Toxicity control buttons

Caustic Treatment activation
Image via Respawn

When you drop at or otherwise enter the POI, there are two major spots to choose from: The front entrance and the back entrance. Inside each door is a button that controls the toxicity inside of the building on a timer. You can rush to hit it first or lay low and camp it out. This means that anyone can control the gas in the POI, not just the Caustics.

Legendary-tier loot

Caustic Treatment legendary loot
Image via Respawn

So, it’s a fun new interactive place to fight, so what? What’s the draw? First off, Caustic Treatment is an even higher tier loot location than Water Treatment was, and on top of that: There are four pieces of Legendary-tier golden loot inside of traps you can only get to when there’s no toxic sludge or gas. Try to collect what you can, but be careful; it’s on a timer: you could get trapped.

The best thing about this Takeover is that it manages to be centered around Caustic without making Caustic the only viable legend inside. The Caustic Treatment debuts on March 9 with the Chaos Theory event.