How the Gran Turismo Café works in Gran Turismo 7

An eatery that holds the most tasteful kind of products.

Image via Polyphony Digital

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With Gran Turismo 7 heading back to its roots and bringing back its staple single-player campaign, drivers can expect to zoom through countless amount of locations around the world with more cars than ever before. However, one new feature included this time around is the Gran Turismo Café, a place that results in more cars to collect and examines the history and design of these cars in a truly special manner.

Located in the center of the world map, players can head to the Gran Turismo Café to find new sets of challenges known as Car Collection Menus. These menus will require players to unlock a certain set of three vehicles by winning particular races and championships in the campaign. In return, finished menus will grant drivers a new track and Roulette Ticket — which can also be exchanged for a new car.

Image via PlayStation YouTube

Players seeking out a specific type of vehicle will find Car Collection Menus most useful, as they will be themed after the three cars needed. For instance, the game holds a Porsche 911 menu which ultimately directs players to races that unlock an ’81 911 Turbo, a ’95 911 Carrera RS, and an original 911 Carrera RS.

Better yet, once a car from these menus is unlocked, a cut scene at the café will take place with narration from the car’s designer. The designer will then go into depth about why and how certain aspects of the car came to be. Drivers may also unlock cut scenes that delve into the history and cultural effects some vehicles have had in the world.

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