How the Mind Palace works in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Conclusions must be drawn.

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In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, The Mind Palace is a place for Sherlock to think and piece together clues and information to come to logical deductions about the events that transpired. This tool helps you piece together the puzzle and solve the crime. How is it used?

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To access the Mind Palace, you need to go to the menu and use R1/L1 or RB/LB to navigate over to the Mind Palace tab. Once you access the Mind Palace, you will see all of the key evidence you have collected about the case you are currently working on.

Select a piece of evidence and combine it with another piece of evidence that seems logical. Don’t worry; the game will automatically turn down any two pieces of evidence that don’t belong together. Once you have two pieces of evidence that fit together, it will take you to the deductions screen, where a conclusion is drawn.

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When drawing a conclusion, most of the time, there will be only one. There are, however, times where multiple conclusions can be made. During this time, you must decide which conclusion seems more likely. Once a final conclusion has been drawn, you will be able to head back and reconstruct events or convict someone on the spot for the crime.