How the Music Box works in Phasmophobia

Follow the rhythm of the music.

Image via Kinetic Games

Some of the ghosts and spirits you find in Phasmophobia can be soothed and calmed down if you avoid doing specific actions. For example, if you have the Music Box, you can use it to stall the spirit and potentially escape the van. But if you get too close, you’re going to break the ghost’s trance, and it will become aggressive towards you and your crew. In this guide, we will cover how the Music Box works in Phasmophobia.

The music box is a small item you can pick up and activate while holding it. You will need to have nothing in your character’s hands to grab it. While holding it, the music box will play, and while it’s playing, the ghost in your investigation will be entranced by the song, becoming much calmer. There’s also a chance that if you’re close enough to the spirit, it begins singing along with the music.

However, if you draw too close to the ghost while using the music box, it snaps out of the trance. When it breaks from the trance, it becomes much more aggressive than previously, meaning it has a higher chance of activating its hunt and attacking everyone inside the home.

You want to be careful when using the music box. It’s all about using the item at the correct time, which may mean you’re using it right before you leave the house to ensure everyone can escape before the ghost attacks. Similar to the other cursed possessions in Phasmophobia, the music box does drain your sanity while you’re using it.