How the Rampage LMG buffs Fuse and Rampart in Apex Legends

It bumps Fuse and Rampart from F tier to E tier.

Apex Legends Rampart Fuse buff Rampage LMG

Screenshot by GamePur

Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence is introducing not just a cool new Legend in Seer but also a new weapon: the Rampage LMG. This piece of heavy hardware packs a lot of firepower, and we do mean firepower. As many in the Apex Legends community noticed in the season showcase trailer, the Rampage LMG can use Thermite grenades as ammo, gaining some extra punch in the process. The addition of the Rampage LMG to the Apex Legends arsenal acts as a passive buff to Fuse and Rampart, two of the least used Legends in the current meta.

There are a couple of possible ways in which the new weapon could work. The most obvious possibility is that the Rampage LMG has a similar alt-fire mode as the Sentinel, consuming a Thermite grenade to gain a passive buff to its shots. If this makes its shots apply an incendiary damage-over-time effect, that would loosely tie with Seer’s identity as a wallhack Legend since DoT damage numbers are visible through walls. There is also the possibility that the Thermite grenades are fed into an under-slung grenade launcher. That would be cool — and very much in line with the bombastic personalities of both Rampart and Fuse — but it seems unlikely, as Apex Legends has so far actively strayed from explosive projectile guns.

Regardless of how it works, the Rampage LMG presents a clear buff to Fuse and Rampart in Apex Legends. Both Legends have unique, highly situational kits, and their abilities require more coordination and forethought than most other Legends. Consequently, Rampart and Fuse have been in serious need for a buff for a couple of seasons. However, Respawn has been reluctant to give them more power through their abilities, because of Apex Legends’ core design as a gunplay-first type of shooter. The Rampage LMG is a sneaky way to add more power to Fuse and Rampart in Apex Legends, and buff them through the way the new weapon interacts with their passive traits.

The Rampage LMG relies on Thermite grenades to unlock its full potential, making it perfectly suited for Fuse, the only Apex Legends character who can hold additional grenades per inventory slot. Fuse players should feel this as a passive buff, since they will be able to use the Rampage LMG without sacrificing too much room in their backpacks.

In Rampart’s case, the Rampage LMG presents less of a direct buff, and more of an opportunity. Rampart’s passive ability in Apex Legends is Modded Loader: any LMG that she uses has a larger magazine capacity and faster reload speed. The Rampage is obviously an LMG (designed by Rampart herself, according to Apex Legends lore), and it is guaranteed to be more effective in her hands than any other Legends’.