What is the Rampage LMG in Apex Legends?

Bet they used a Rampage for their shots.

New weapon Rampage LMG

Images via Respawn

Apex Legends steps on its game all the time, and that is just as much the case with Season 10: Emergence. Some of the biggest things connected to the season are its Legend, Seer, and the first-ever iteration of Ranked Arenas, but this piece is all about the brand-new weapon. It is unusual that we are getting a weapon this season, after getting two prior seasons with new weapons back-to-back. This may be setting a precedent that there will now be a new weapon every season. So let’s talk about the gun entering the Apex Arena for Season 10.

Weapon Type

The Rampage LMG is finally debuting in the game, but has actually been floating around in the background of Apex devstreams since Season 8. Originally called ‘Dragon,’ while in development, the Rampage is a light machine gun that really packs a punch. It is told to hold a ‘surprising amount of firepower,’ most likely why it was called ‘Dragon’ in its early stages. Like other LMGs, its firing mode is auto.

Like the Sentinel, the Rampage has a temporary buff it can gain if the player charges it with an item. However, instead of using a shield cell, you will be using a Thermite Grenade. This will give the weapon a temporary buff that increases rate of fire. While Rampage is charged, it can also break down doors.


Two Legends are going to benefit the most from using the Rampage: Rampart and Fuse.

Rampart’s passive will be compatible with the Rampage, as it is first and foremost an LMG. That buff will be beneficial on the Rampage and will give Rampart a lot more skin in the game. The Rampage is also the second LMG in Apex Legends to take heavy ammo rounds. All LMGs take either Heavy or Energy Ammo.

Fuse’s passive is also the thing helping him out in terms of the Rampage LMG because he can hold two grenades per slot, and he will be able to charge of the Rampage more often while using up less space. But remember, only Thermite Grenades can charge the weapon, so don’t stock up on Frags and Arc Stars.

Lore behind the weapon

Lore-wise, the Rampage is the creation of an existing Legend. Ramya Parekh, aka Rampart, Season 6’s Legend, designed and brought this weapon to life herself. This is something she often does: making and modding weaponry in her shop. That said, this is the first time that one of Rampart’s creation is available for all Legends to use permanently.

It is the fourth of her creations in the game. The other three being her own Ultimate, “Sheila,” Valkyrie’s Jetpack, and a temporary mod called the Graffiti Hop-Up from the Always Be Closing Evolved Limited-Time Mode in August 2020.

Overall, this gun is going to shake up the meta quite a bit. And for Rampart mains? You’ll probably have a new favorite weapon.