How the Rank System works in Rainbow Six: Siege

It’s a pretty standard competitive experience.

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege has been one of the most popular first-person shooters since its release because of its simple premise but difficult mastery giving it longevity. If you are getting tired of the Quick Play experience, you may be interested in taking the jump to the competitive side of the game. Here is how the Ranked system works in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Getting placed

Rainbow Six: Siege has its placements and timeframes split between seasons like Ranked systems in most other games do. Depending on where you place, you will receive a gun charm when the season ends. To be placed, you must play through ten Ranked matches, which are unlocked after your profile reaches level 50.

As you play your games, your Ranked Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is being formed by whether or not your team wins or loses. This considers the two team’s combined MMR and will adjust both sides once the game has finished. If your team has a lesser combined MMR than the opposition, your changes will be more generous if you win. And, of course, losing against a team with a higher MMR will not penalize you as much. If you leave a game early or are inactive, you will face an MMR penalty. This number will not affect your hidden MMR in Quick Play and Unranked matches.

After your ten games are complete, you will be placed in one of the below skill tiers. Copper has the lowest skill rating, and Champions holds the top 9,999 players. To be eligible for Champions, you must get 5,000 MMR and play at least 100 matches that season, with games you left early not counting toward that number. The high Silver/low Gold range is typically the spot where average players are placed. If you want to play Ranked with friends, both of your MMRs must be within 1,000 points of each other.

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How Ranked matches play

Ranked matches will have a pool of maps that are eligible for play. These maps will change each season so you have a slight understanding of the locations you can play in. The match type is always Bomb, which sees the attacking team trying to defuse one of two bombs that the defending team fight to prevent. Additionally, before the beginning of each match, both teams will vote to choose one attacker and one defender that neither side can use. Those four characters will be inaccessible until the match ends. The winners will be decided on a best of six rounds basis when the game begins. If there is a tie at the end, a best of three overtime session will begin.