How to access your personal storage in Lost Ark

It’s not hoarding, it’s being prepared.

Image via Smilegate

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While mounting a plethora of expeditions across the land of Arkesia in Lost Ark, players are bound to come across a plethora of items that need to be stored. Thankfully, the ever-present threat of Lost Ark turning into an inventory management simulator is stymied by a personal storage feature within the game.

Every player has personal storage that their characters can access. The size of personal storage can be increased beyond the standard 180 slots that players start with by purchasing additional rows within the storage container.

There are two ways to access your personal storage — the first is by finding a Storage Keep in a town. You’ll find these characters typically standing to the side with a large backpack on them. By interacting with this NPC, players can access their storage.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second way is far easier, although it means having the Crystalline Aura active and having a pet. By opening the Pet Functions within the Pet Menu (Alt + P), players can access their personal storage at almost anytime, without needing to head back to a town and hunt down the Storage Keep. The convenience comes at a price, however, with the pseudo-subscription of the Crystalline Aura.