How to Gameshare on PlayStation 4


With so many people buying digital games these days, it’s becoming increasingly harder to “share” them with those that own other systems. However, Sony has an interesting solution with its Gameshare feature.

Using this, players can share games across several PS4 consoles, so friends and family members can check them out. Here’s the step-by-step breakdown on how to do this, as well as some precautions to keep in mind.

How to Gameshare on PlayStation 4

First off, you’ll need to log in to your PlayStation Network account on the console you want to share the game on. It’s up to you if you want to keep the password stored or not. After you do that, take a look at the Settings tab on the main menu.

There will be an option here for Account Management. It may take a second to pull up, depending on your connection speed. Once that’s done, you’ll see an option for “Activate as your Primary PS4.” Once you do this, you’ll see the ability to download any of your games on your friend or family member’s console. Any games they download will still be playable, even if they’re logged out of your account.

PS4 GameShare

How to Gameshare on PlayStation 4: Keep These In Mind

If you’re getting a new console to replace your current PlayStation 4, you’ll need to have whoever activated the Primary PS4 option to deactivate it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to set up your new system. So make sure they complete this step and then go through the procedures to access your game library.

Now, if you can’t get a hold of them, or they’re busy, you can do it remotely. There’s an option through the PlayStation account management tool, where you can deactivate a console remotely. However, you can only do it once every six months, and that console becomes deactivated from playing any games they may have downloaded. So only do it if you’re sure, or maybe if they’re not your friend anymore.

One final thing — you can only do the Gameshare feature on two systems at a time. That means you get logged in through one system and have the Primary PS4 option on the other. Try to go for any more systems, and you could risk having your account flagged and blocked by Sony. So make sure you have the second PS4 you want to download the games to figure out correctly.

That’s it! Enjoy your Gameshare on PlayStation 4!