How to add Nitrous to vehicles in Saints Row

Do you have a need for more speed?

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Nitrous in Saints Row is a great way to escape enemy vehicles chasing you down quickly. Although effective, it might make controlling the car more difficult while in this mode, so you’ll want to be careful when using it to avoid damaging or crashing the vehicle and stopping you in your tracks. Most cars you unlock in Saints Row won’t have this upgrade out of the gate. This guide covers how to add nitrous to vehicles in Saints Row.

How to give vehicles Nitrous in Saints Row

You will need to add a vehicle to your garage if you want to give it any upgrades, such as nitrous. You can do this by bringing it to JR’s car repair shop or by bringing it to the Church. Both locations work, allowing you to visit any vehicle garage you own to customize them further. When ready, head to your vehicle garage and enter your vehicle selection screen. All cars you own will be listed here, and you can pick which ones you want to customize.

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Click on the vehicle you want to give nitrous, and go to the “Equipment” tab. Here, you can choose the type of unique items you want to provide the car, such as an off-road kit, a towing cable, or ninitrous. Each upgrade will cost money, but any time you call that car from your garage, those upgrades will be available. You can use them as you drive around Santo Ileso, giving you an advantage against any enemy drivers you encounter.

Several cars have Signature Ability requirements where you must use a towing cable or nitrous to complete them. We recommend reserving those equipment purchases for those cars before adding them to vehicles that don’t need them. You can choose to drive these vehicles without any equipment you’ve purchased for it.