How to AI Scan in Halo Infinite and what it does

A little help from your AI buddy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Halo Infinite multiplayer, every spartan has an AI dedicated to directing them where to go. It’s a way to get the multiplayer closer to the campaign with Master Chief and Cortana. While these AI are different from Cortana, they will voice some words of encouragement or tell you the item you picked up to avoid any confusion. However, they have an added ability to help you find weapons and other items on the map. Here is how to AI Scan in Halo Infinite.

To use the AI Scan in Halo Infinite, press down on the d-pad and your AI will send out a pulse. The reaching effect of this pulse will reveal all items and weapon pick-up locations to you, no matter where you are. This is perfect for players unfamiliar with the map who have not learned where to grab weapons yet. While power weapons will automatically be shown to you, weapon lockers that hold things like the Commando and Plasma Pistol will not.

The AI Scan will also reveal items dropped by Spartans that fall in battle. This is great for quickly picking up a weapon you want from an enemy you defeated without wasting time searching for it. Say they have a Sniper, and you kill them. Do an AI Scan, and the outline of the weapon will be revealed to you.