How to appoint a Dungeon Master in Dwarf Fortress

Everyone needs a Dungeon Master.

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Dwarf Fortress is a simulation game where the main objective is to build a fortress and help your dwarves survive. Throughout your expedition in the game, you’ll have to appoint/assign roles to dwarves so that they can aid you in maintaining a proper balance in the fortress. One of the major influential figures you’ll eventually have to appoint is a Dungeon Master. That said, there are certain prerequisites you need to fulfill to appoint a Dungeon Master in Dwarf Fortress, and these are mentioned below.

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What are the prerequisites to appoint Dungeon Master in Dwarf Fortress?

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A Dungeon Master is a noble that arrives as an immigrant once you reach a population of 50 dwarves in your fortress. Thus, you do not have the power to elect a Dungeon Master, as they automatically arrive at your fortress once you hit the required threshold. Furthermore, like the expedition leader, you cannot replace the Dungeon Master according to your will.

A Dungeon Master possesses Animal trainer, Animal caretaker, Furnace operator, and Metal crafter skills. Furthermore, a Dungeon Master has the armorsmith, weaponsmithing, and metalsmithing labor enabled even though it has no base skill. In older versions of the game, a Dungeon Master was solely responsible for taming animals, but any dwarf with Animal trainer skills can do the job now.

Since Dungeon Masters do not have any demands, they are easy to handle. However, as updates continue to roll in and more features are added to the game, a Dungeon Master’s functionality has been severely reduced compared to previous versions.