How to avoid getting stuck with Anima powers inside Torghast in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Don’t let your powers work against you inside the tower.

Image via Blizzard

Anima Powers give you many advantages in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, especially when wielded properly inside Torghast. However, if you choose the wrong ones, you might discover that you can’t move forward, and you’ll have no choice but to quit the tower entirely.

If you’re planning to work through a couple Torghast wings, we know two abilities you should absolutely avoid along the way.

Elethium Weights

Using Elethium Weights sounds like a win-win: it increases all of your primary stats by a total of 30%. The trade-off is that you can no longer jump, and as you may have noticed, this could halt your progression inside Torghast. Avoid using this power if you have no other way of getting into the air.

Elethium Diffuser

This attack can annihilate some of your enemies — it takes 40% of all the damage you have received and sends it back to all your enemies within five yards. Of course, this comes with a price: while equipped with Elethium Diffuser, you cannot step backward. One wrong move and you could end up stuck in a corner like a Sims character with no door.

Exception: Door of Shadows

There is one way around using these two powers inside Torghast, but you’ll need to be accepted into the Venthyr covenant. Members of Venthry have access to Door of Shadows, which allows you to teleport to a specific location. This way, you can still hang on to Elethium Weights and Elethium Diffuser without issue.