How to Beat an AT-ST in Jedi: Fallen Order


An AT-ST is a formidable opponent in Jedi: Fallen Order. When Cal attempts to leave Zeffo after visiting the Tomb of Eliram, one is attacking the Mantis. The large vehicles are a bit predictable, though, and players have a few options on how they want to take them down.

An AT-ST has three different attacks. The most common is the blaster fire from the front of the mouth. On its right side is a grenade launcher, which fires five to six grenades out in front of it. The final attack is a rocket that it fires from the left side.

Cal can quickly and effectively block the incoming blaster from the AT-ST and reflect it at them. Because this is the most common attack, it does the least amount of damage.

When the walker fires a grenade or rocket, though, Cal can use force push to send it back. These attacks land a great deal of damage against it, meaning players will want to prioritize their force powers against these attacks.

An alternative method is running up to it and using the lightsaber to slice at its legs. Doing so prompts the AT-ST pilot to toss out a grenade at its feet, meant to push Cal away. Players can use the force push ability to send the grenade back or, before engaging at close range, use force slow to give a little time to attack before it comes down.

Slicing at the legs and sending explosives back at the AT-ST deal the most damage. Attacking the legs straight on has the most risks involved.

When you defeat an AT-ST, remember to take out the pilot after the fight.