How to beat Arcantus in a Pet Battle in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Arcantus made easy.

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World of Warcraft has added some fun optional content over the years to give players things to do outside of tackling raids, dungeons, or ripping their hair out in PvP. One such activity is Pet Battles, which offers up a pseudo-Pokémon critter collection and battling system in the game with challenges spread throughout the different areas of Azeroth. Arcantus is a powerful manafiend Legendary Battle Pet that players will come across for a specific World Quest or to complete achievements. Here is the easiest way to claim victory against Arcantus in a Pet Battle in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Where to find the Mini Manafiend Melee World Quest in WoW

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Arcantus can be found nestled between two pine trees in the Azure Archives area of the Azure Span at coordinates 41.0, 59.4. This arcane elemental is the objective of the Pet Battle World Quest “Mini Manafiend Melee.” It is also involved in the Dragonflight Pet Battle meta achievement.

Arcantus Pet Battle Strategy in WoW

There are two major strategies to make Arcantus’s defeat a walk in the park. Which one you choose to go with depends on your Pet Collection and available pets to counter Arcantus.

Arcantus’s major abilities include:

  • Psychic Blast – Basic attack that deals more damage in Arcane Winds.
  • Mana Surge – Heavy hitting attack that deals more damage in Arcane Winds.
  • Psionic Storm – AoE attack that also sets up Arcane Winds for nine turns, which strengthens Arcantus’s other attacks and prevents roots or stuns.

The first method works with almost any Legendary Pet Battle in the game. It involves manipulating the scaling system used for Pet Battles in the environment. NPC opponents in the game that are not wild critters will scale to the level of your highest level pet used in the battle.

  • You can use three level one pets in this fight and it makes it extremely easy.
  • Arcantus is in the Magic pet family school, meaning it uses Magic attacks and is weak to the Mechanical pet family.
  • Utilizing three level one Mechanical pets with no cooldown Mechanical attacks makes this fight almost impossible to lose. Arcantus can only use Psychic Blast at level one, which means it can’t deal extra damage or set up Arcane Winds with Psionic Storm.

The second method includes the tips from the previous method, but is a legit strategy using level 25 Battle Pets.

  • Utilizing three pets from the Beast family that have access to Trample and spamming it until each one is defeated works well.
  • A Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling pet or Timeless Mechanical Dragonling can almost solo the entire fight. They will take less damage from Arcantus’s attacks and can dish out some major damage themselves.

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This is all you need to know to defeat Arcantus in a Pet Battle. Fighting it while the Mini Manafiend Melee quest is active can offer some decent Pet Battle rewards to help in future Pet Battles.