How to beat Biohunter in Cyber Shadow

If only ninjas could fly.

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Cyber Shadow has a variety of bosses for players to conquer. Some bosses will try to slice you up in claustrophobic dungeons, while others take flight and drop bombs on top of your head. The latter can be challenging to deal with. Biohunter is the first flying boss you encounter in Cyber Shadow. This guide will walk you through how to beat Biohunter in Cyber Shadow.


The Swag Blade is a must-have against this boss. You can activate the Swag Blade at the checkpoint platform for 50 red orbs. If you do not have 50 red orbs, you can always backtrack for more. Grab the Spirit Recovery as well if you can, as Rising Fire is particularly effective against Biohunter.

Phase one

When you enter the arena, immediately head to the platform’s left or right side to avoid the blue laser. A simple trick that makes this fight much more manageable is to jump in one direction, then turn back to the other direction at the height of your jump. The sequence will cause the Swag Blade to spin in a circle around you, damaging Biohunter. Be sure to stay under Biohunter while you do this, as it will avoid most of his projectiles. This fight is all about patience, and you will need to repeat this maneuver every time the Swag Blade resets positions. Make sure you aren’t behind Biohunter when he lands, or he will throw bombs behind him. Once Biohunter loses enough health, he will call down another blue laser to begin phase two. Stay to the side to avoid the laser.

Phase two

Because the blue laser’s effect lingers, you can’t immediately run towards the boss. But stay just out of its range, as when the laser disappears, you can get some free hits on him before he stands up. For phase two, Biohunter will be on the ground dashing back and forth. All you need to do for this phase is jump over his attacks and knock your Swag Blade into him. After Biohunter is defeated, you are rewarded with a new power-up.