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How to beat Frye in Splatoon 3 – boss fight guide

She really loves eels.

At the end of the second site on Alterna, you’ll begin a boss fight with one of the members of Deep Cut, Frye. Although Frye may be nice and friendly on the daily Anarchy Splatcast, she won’t be very welcoming here. If you want to beat Frye in Splatoon 3, here’s what you will need to do.

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How to beat Frye in Splatoon 3

Like most video game bosses, Frye will have three phases. Each phase will introduce new moves that she’ll do, so you need to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

How to defeat Frye’s first phase

During Frye’s first phase, she’ll summon eels. If you want to do any damage to Frye, you’ll need to fully ink the eels so they’ll fly back at her and attack her instead of you. She’ll do a move called Eel Downpour, where the eels rain from the sky and then get stuck in the ground if you dodge them. When they’re stuck in the ground, you’ll have enough time to ink a good chunk of them to deal damage to Frye. Another move Frye will make in this phase is that she’ll summon masked eels who will shoot projectiles at you. Dodge their projectiles and ink them so they’ll be sent flying back at Frye.

After dealing enough damage to Frye, her cube will stop spinning. You will need to ink the sides of the cube so you can climb up in Inkling mode and get to Frye. Once you’re on top of the cube, attack Frye until she disappears.

How to defeat Frye’s second phase

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After this, Frye will enter her second phase. She’ll have two new moves. The first one is called Moray Whirlpool, where she will spin the cube really fast, and then moray eels will pop out of it. They will begin to circle the cube and slowly move out toward the edge of the arena. You will want to attack the small masked eels that circle the cube and the arena rather than the ones that pop out of the sides of the cube.

Frye’s other move is Hundred-Eel Vision. She will summon a ton of eels. Your best option is to use your special, so you can clear out most of the eels and then just shoot down the remaining ones. Frye will repeat any other move she’s used before until you defeat every masked eel, after which the cube stops spinning again. Repeat what you did before: ink the side of the cube so you can swim up and hit Frye.

How to defeat Frye’s final phase

Frye will only have one new move in this phase, and it’s called Great Moray Transformation. When she uses this move, her eels will get into a fish-like formation and charge at the player. Because of how many eels there are, we highly recommend using your special here and just shoot down any of the remaining eels. Once Frye’s cube stops spinning, just do what you did before, and you’ll defeat her.

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