Who are Splatoon 3’s new idols, Deep Cut? Answered

We love Big Man.

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Nintendo released a Direct stream for Splatoon 3 and revealed what’s in store for players. The stream showcased the new game modes coming to the game such as the Tri-Color Turf War Battle where players are on one of three teams and battle each other. New stages have been added to the game, such as Hagglefish Market. New weapons have also been added to the game such as a Tacticooler and Wavebreaker. But the question that’s on the minds of fans is who the idols of Splatoon 3 will be.

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Deep Cut members – Splatoon 3 idols

Image via Nintendo

A brand new idol group has been introduced called Deep Cut, who will be replacing fan-favorites Marina and Pearl from Splatoon 2. Deep Cut consists of three members instead of two which has been the norm for the previous games. The group’s members are Frye and Shiver, with the addition of a stingray named Big Man.


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Image via Nintendo

Big Man

Image via Nintendo

Deep Cut’s role in Splatoon 3

As per usual with the idol groups in the games, they will perform throughout the hub world during Splatfests, so players will be able to see them and hear their songs like “Anarchy Rainbow” while they explore the area. Deep Cut will also deliver news to the player through the news program Anarchy Splatcast when they load up the game every day. They’ll provide information on battle stages that are currently available, when a Splatfest is announced and its starting date, and more.

But if you typically skip through the newscasts but want to read about it later, that has been implemented. For the first time ever, players will be able to read their updates while on the go. Players who want to get an early look at the game can try out the pre-release Splatfest that will occur on August 27.