How to beat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village

The Lady of the Castle wishes to see you.

Resident Evil Village

All good things have to come to an end, and in Resident Evil Village, the chase between you and Lady Dimitrescu will conclude once you have all four of the angel masks. You’ll have to collect all of the masks by defeating Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters and surviving the many horrors waiting for you. You’ll then proceed to the final area where you and the good lady fight, but Lady Dimitrescu is more than she appears.

How to beat Lady Dimitrescu

For this battle in the Castle, Lady Dimitrescu has become a monstrous dragon. She’ll fly you around the castle and then throw you on the staircase. When she jumps off from the stairs, rush up them to grab a few more shotgun shells, herbs, and other supplies into your inventory. Go to your left, and you’ll have to battle her on the top of the tower.

Lady Dimitrescu’s dragon form can be overwhelming. It’ll rush after you with his massive wings and attempt to slap you around with his face, biting and clawing at you. You primarily want to ignore this and aim for the white form on the dragon’s back. This is the outline of Lady Dimitrescu, and you want to focus on attacking this part, as she has the most reaction when you hit this portion. We highly recommend using the shotgun or handgun to aim for this.

While you’re doing this, she’ll attempt to rush you and break the walls on the tower. You want to run around the circumference of the tower and get behind her to see if you can’t hit Lady Dimitrescu’s body from behind.

After damaging her a few times, Lady Dimitrescu flies away and sends a swarm of bugs after you, similar to her daughter’s. From a distance, you have the option to use your sniper rifle to land a few hits against her, but you want to focus on avoiding the bugs that are attacking you. They don’t do a massive amount of damage.

Lady Dimitrescu follows this pattern for most of the first fight. She chases after you around the tower until you damage her enough to fly away. From a distance, use your sniper rifle while she taunts you, and then she’ll fly back in and repeat the process. After damaging her enough, she attacks the center of the tower, and then you have to move up the staircase, firing at her, with bugs swarming all around you while you slowly go up the tower.

When you reach the top of the tower, you have a few seconds to break the vases at the top before Lady Dimitrescu crashes through and attacks you. At this point, it’s all about doing straight damage to her and surviving the attacks. You primarily want to use your shotgun and handgun here until you beat her. When you win, she’ll drag you to the bottom of the tower with her upon her death.