How to beat Leshy in Cult of the Lamb

Your first steps towards freedom.

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Leshy is the first Bishop you encounter in Cult of the Lamb. You will need to defeat them in the Darkwoods if you want to advance further in the game and unlock your powers of the Red Crown. Although Leshy is the first boss, they are not an easy encounter. This guide covers how to beat Leshy and how to best approach it in Cult of the Lamb.

How to defeat Leshy in Cult of the Lamb

Leshy will take to their proper form during the first part of the encounter. Like many of the larger bosses you’ve fought throughout the game, Leshy becomes a gigantic worm capable of burrowing underground. You will recognize most of its attacks, but it has a handful of surprises awaiting you.

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Leshy attacks consist of spitting out balls of acid, burrowing underground and creating spikes in its path, sending out waves of spikes, or jumping into the air and landing on the ground. The acid attack and burrowing are the most common. Leshy will lean their head back and release these small toxic balls up into the air, and they will land throughout the battlefield, with multiple reticles on the ground. You will want to avoid these locations and use this time to attack Leshy.

Whenever Leshy moves in the arena, it will dig underground, and you will see a ground trail of where it’s going. The ground trail will have multiple spikes sticking up, potentially damaging you should get too close. While underground, Leshy is invulnerable to taking attacks. There’s also a chance Leshy will unleash a wave of spikes that begin at it and spread throughout the arena. You will want to back up and wait until they get close to you before rolling through them. You will not take any damage if you go through them at the correct time. This occurs in two different patterns, but both can be rolled through.

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Closer to the middle of the fight, Leshy will jump into the air and place a reticle on your character, following you around the arena. You will want to continue moving until the reticle stops moving and not stand there until Leshy lands. It will perform a large area of effect attack at this location. In addition, after its health reaches half, following its spit attack, Leshy will bash its head on the ground around it three times in an attempt to defend itself. However, most of its attacks don’t change much during the fight’s second portion.

Once you defeat Leshy, you will be able to pick up its heart and return it to your Cult in celebration.

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