How farming works in Cult of the Lamb

You can’t find Heretics on an empty stomach.

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Farming is critical in Cult of the Lamb as you’re going to need it if you want to feed your followers. While exploring the massive domains of the various heretics, you will find grass and seeds you can bring back for your crops, but there’s a bit of groundwork you’ll need to do to get your farming operation moving. This guide covers how farming works in Cult of the Lamb.

What to do with farming in Cult of the Lamb

The first few steps of farming directly involve you in the process, but after you’ve created the foundation for this in your cult, your Followers will take care of the rest. It begins with placing down multiple farm plots, preferably in the same location on your land. A farm plot only takes up one space by itself. Here, you can plant any of the seeds you’ve gathered while fighting through the Heretics’ followers, collecting multiple resources.

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The starting seeds, such as berries, are a good place to start. Set this in the ground, and you will need to water them. Over them, these seeds will grow, and you can harvest them to bring back to your cooking station for any number of cooking recipes. A majority of the seeds you set you down and farm will be what you use at the cooking station to feed your Followers.

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Eventually, you will want to unlock and build a Farmer Station, a Seed Silo, and an Outhouse. The Farmer Station is where you can assign your Followers to work on any of the farm plots you’ve set down in a specific area, and they will handle the seeding, watering, and fertilizing. This is where the Seed Silo and Outhouse come in. Your Seed Silo is where you can place any seeds you’ve gathered for your Followers to put down, and the Outhouse is how you can acquire Fertilizer, outside of the specific ways you can find them while exploring the game.

Once these seeds are ready for harvest, you can use them in any recipes or quests you like to complete in Cult of the Lamb. We recommend placing down multiple Farming Stations to collect numerous types of seeds simultaneously.