How To Beat Risk of Rain 2


Risk of Rain 2 has proven to be a huge success! It has a massive player base, and everyone seems to be having fun with the game. If you are wondering how to beat it, I have some bad news for you right now. In its current state, the game doesn’t have an end. Instead, it just continuously loops, getting harder and harder.

There is no current final stage or final boss. Once you make it through all the available stages, it will simply loop back around and start again. The main challenge at the moment is to see how long you stay alive for. Hopoo Games do have plans to introduce more content during the Early Access period, but I think that a true ending will more than likely only arrive in the final update, the one that sees the game exit Early Access and become a full release.

Until then, it will really be about finding ways to challenge yourself within the game. I like to try runs with all the characters. Me and my friends like to play as a group and help each other get the best possible builds. But, for now, it’s largely down to us to entertain ourselves, at least until Hopoo Games can get a bit more direction into the game. There is a lot more content coming, with four more Survivors, six new bosses, and six new stages all planned!

As such, all we have to do is be patient, and eventually, we will get our final challenge, and be able to beat Risk of Rain 2.