How to beat the Hounds of Hades, Cerberus in Immortal Fenyx Rising

Gonna need a big newspaper.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Image via Ubisoft

You get to fight a lot of famous mythical creatures in Immortals Fenyx Rising, including Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guards the gates of Hades. This is quite a fun fight, giving you a reason to use all the skills you have been perfecting until now.

One of Cerberus attacks is a triple fireball, one being throw by each head. You can actually parry all three of them, deflecting them back and doing pretty good damage to Cerberus with his own attacks.

The most awkward aspect of fighting Cerberus is that he has a tiple-slash attack with a rotating charged attack in it, so unless he is spitting fireballs at you, the best thing to do is simply dodge. A perfectly timed dodge will open up a nice window for you to damage him, slowing down time so you can easily get hits in.

He also has a red charge attack that cause him to lunge forward, and another charged attack where he will stand still for a few months, then howl, doing damage all around him. As tempting as it is to jump in and stab him, this attack does considerable damage, so it may be best to just hang back and hit him with arrows.

We strong suggest stacking up stun, using your own Godly Powers like Ares’s Wrath, and Athena’s Shield Dash. You can also use your heavy attacks, and Axe Smash to rapidly stack up damage. You should have your bird friend, Phosphor by this point as well, and if you have the Phosphor the Lovebird skin for him you can also add plenty of stun with his attacks.

We would suggest the Departed Shade sword, as you will be dodging a lot, and those perfect dodges will allow you to do 36 percent extra damage for 6 seconds. The Stoneglare armor set is also a great option, gving you a damage buff after you stun an enemy, and increases Combo Meter counts if you have it ranked up enough.