How to beat the Insurance Fraud minigame in Saints Row

I get knocked down, but I get up again.

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Saints Row is a game filled with illegal activities you will undoubtedly be participating in. You can handle everything from covering up murders to carjacking precious rides and having them junked for scraps. One of the many illegal activities in the game is Insurance Fraud. While many of the minigames you will participate in have you running around the city, Insurance Fraud can be done by simply jaywalking.

How to unlock the Insurance Fraud minigame

The Insurance Fraud minigame will be locked until you unlock your headquarters. This is done during the “Take me to Church” mission. Shortly after unlocking the headquarters, you will gain access to the Empire Table. This will allow you to place down business ventures across the city to make money for your gang.

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Place down the Shady Oaks business anywhere on the map, and you will gain access to the Insurance Fraud minigames. The symbol for the Insurance Fraud minigames is a person getting struck by a car.

How to complete the Insurance Fraud minigame in Saints Row

When you start up the Insurance Fraud minigame, you will see a dollar amount in the upper left corner of the screen. The point of the minigame is to throw yourself into oncoming traffic until you wrack up the dollar amount in damages required. Of course, you need to do this within the time limit shown in the corner.

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Each time you get hit by a car, your character will get launched into the air. This will cause the Adrenaline meter in the upper left corner to fill up slightly. You will also see a dollar amount appear in the center of the screen to show how much money you accumulated in damages. The more cars that hit you before you make your character get up, the more money you will get. Each time a car hits your character before you choose to get up or they get up on their own, you will also get a multiplier.

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The multiplier will earn you more money as it increases. Once your character gets up, the multiplier ends. When the Adrenaline meter fills up, Adrenaline will activate. When this happens, any car that you throw yourself into will explode, launching your character high into the air. This will accumulate more money from the damages. Adrenaline will keep going until the meter drains. Keep going until you reach the amount needed to pass.