How to become a guide mentor in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Guide Mentor system are changing inside the latest PTR patch.

Image via Blizzard

There are World of Warcraft players, and then there are those who you might call veterans: those who have been around long before Shadowlands was even a thought. These are the experts who have the potential to become part of the Guide Mentor system, an in-game help network meant to give new characters easy access to help among other players without having to resort to Blizzard support tickets.

The requirements for joining the Guide Mentor system are changing inside the latest PTR patch, which means they could show up soon in the live version of Shadowlands. To become a guide, you’ll need to fulfill the following obligations:

Reach level 60

This is arguably the easiest requirement on the list. Before you can join a covenant, you need to hit the maximum possible level in Shadowlands, and no Guide Mentor worth their title would not be able to discuss potential covenant choices at length.

Complete 3000 quests

Intimidated yet? 3000 Quests Completed is an achievement inside World of Warcraft, and you’ll need to pour many, many hours into your characters before you can mark this one off your list.

Finish two more achievements

From the list of five achievements below, you’ll need to complete two to fulfill the necessary requirements to become a Guide Mentor. Here they are:

  • Terrific Trio: Hit max level with three different classes.
  • Rival: Shadowlands Season 1: Hit rival rank (1800 in any PvP bracket) during Season 1 of Shadowlands.
  • Castle Nathria: Beat all the bosses inside the Nathria raid on any difficulty.
  • Terror of Torghast: Finish each wing of Torghast on Layer 8.
  • Unwavering Bond: Finish your Covenant Campaign and unlock your third Soulbind.

Once you have fulfilled all of these requirements, Alliance members can go to the Stormwind Embassy and talk to Celeste Periwinkle, while Horde players should head to the Orgrimmar Embassy and speak to Eyla Pathleader. They will offer you the option to become a Guide, allowing you to speak to players in Newcomer Chat.