How to become a leprechaun in BitLife (2021)

What do you need to do?

Image via Candywriter

There are multiple jobs and careers you find yourself going through in BitLife. You can use them to complete a ribbon you’ve been hunting or to earn a large pile of money to hand off to your children once your main character has passed away. Plenty of the jobs offered in the game are random, and they’re not always going to appear. One of the scarce careers you can find in BitLife is becoming a leprechaun. It’s one of those careers you don’t expect to see, and they’re difficult to make appear. It’s all based on luck and being patient.

Much like any job you’ve applied for in BitLife, the leprechaun career will make an appeareance in the job screen. You can click on it, apply for it, and then start working for the job when you’re accepted to it. The reason this job is extremely coveted is the amount of money you’ll be able to make as a leprechaun.

The leprechaun career is seldom ever available on the job screen. It doesn’t have a set reason to appear, it doesn’t show up more often if you’re from a specific country or part of the world, and there are no special tricks for you to make it available so your character can apply for it. It’s random and being extremely lucky.

Some players have reported they see the career show up more often in their games if the character they’re playing as is from Ireland or they’re from the United States. However, there have been reports of characters being a leprechaun from nearly any part of the world, so being from Ireland is not a requirement.

One thing you will want to do it is make sure all of your character’s stats are green. They need to be higher than 50% on the gauge to be green, but like all stats, you want to increase those as much as possible. The higher you can make these stats, the better off your character will be. Here’s how to maintain each of the four stats.

  • Happiness: Maintain relationships, have a good job, and take care of yourself. This stat is easy to watch dip following the death of a loved one, being rejected, or losing your job.
  • Health: Workout, eat healthy, and visit the doctor. If you’re character is sick, this stat will decline.
  • Smarts: Read books early on in your life, and visit the library.
  • Looks: Work out, eat healthy, and get a hair cut. Maintaining a high looks stat is always the most difficult of the four, and sometimes you have to rely on starting with a high looks stat to ensure stays high.

So long as you follow these steps, and consistently look for the leprechaun career in the jobs section, it might show up. The downside to trying to grab this career is how much it is based on luck. You need plenty of patience to make it happen.