How to befriend Dionysus in Hades

Party time, bro.

Image via Supergiant Games

When you’re fighting your way through the land of the dead, you could always use a bro in your corner. Fortunately, Zagreus can call on the ultimate party dude to save him. Dionysus offers some choice boons, including inflicting Hangover on enemies, which deals decent damage over time. However, to increase the odds of getting Dionysus’ boons each run, you need to show the man a little love in return. Here is how you can befriend Dionysus in Hades.

Hades favor guides – how to befriend Dionysus

Image via Supergiant Games

Dionysus is one of the easier Olympian gods to befriend in Hades as he likes to see you spread the love to the other deities you come across. While you can increase your affinity with Dionysus by speaking to him and accepting his boons during your runs, that will only take you so far. To max out your relationship with the god of wine, you need to give Ambrosia to other characters.

How much Ambrosia are we talking about? At least ten total, with at least six different characters as the recipients. While Ambrosia isn’t always the most straightforward resource to get, there are ways to farm it to speed up the process. You should also note that Dionysus can be one of the characters that you give Ambrosia to.

Once you’ve given your tenth Ambrosia out, head back out on another run. The next time you speak to Dionysus, he’ll comment that you’re really giving out the precious liquid, and his heart level should increase to seven, the maximum it can reach.

The best way to ensure that you encounter Dionysus on your run is to equip his Keepsake, the Overflowing Cup. You can get this by giving him Nectar as a gift. The Overflowing Cup will serve as a lasting symbol of your friendship and increase the likelihood of receiving Rare or better boons from Dionysus during your run.