How to farm Ambrosia in Hades

The Broker is your best friend.

Image via Supergiant Games

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Ambrosia is one of the more important currencies available in Hades. This currency is important for gaining companions and romancing Thanatos or Megaera. Ambrosia can only be given after maxing out an NPC’s affinity for you. It can also be used to level up companions that NPCs give to you. Here is our guide for farming this invaluable resource.

Wretched Broker

Probably the easiest way in the entire game to get Ambrosia is to buy it from the Wretched Broker. The Broker can be found in the lounge area across the hall from Zagreus’s room. The portly shade will have a lot of different goodies available that will change after each escape attempt. All of his normal trades can be repeated until you run out of currency. He also has limited time offers that can only be traded once.

Ambrosia from the Broker’s repeatable trades will cost two diamonds, which are obtainable via bounties, boss fights, and other trades. The limited-time Ambrosia trades will show up at random. They can cost either 10 nectar or two titan blood.

Getting Ambrosia from the Broker can be expensive but well worth it if you haven’t collected all of the companions yet. It is a good idea to check the store after each run anyway, so be sure to keep a lookout for this item when you stop by.

Fated List of Minor Prophecies

The Fated List of Minor Prophecies is essentially a bounty board created by the three fates. This item can be added to Zagreus’s room by giving 20 gems to the House Contractor. Each of the prophecies presents a fun challenge to the players and there are plenty on the list that will give you Ambrosia, among many other very valuable items.

There are 14 different prophecies to complete that will award you Ambrosia:

Prophecy NameChallengeAmbrosia Rewarded
Night and DarknessLevel up Nyx and Chaos’s affinity, then upgrade the Administrative Chamber for 8888 Darkness at the House Contractor4
Divided by DeathReunite Achilles with Patroclus. Level up their affinity until Patroclus gives you a message to Achilles, then follow the story to complete the quest. You will need to pay the Contractor seven diamonds.4
Musician and MuseReunite Orpheus and Eurydice. Level the affinity of both NPCs to start the quest.2
End to TormentAid Sisyphus by leveling up his affinity. Talk to Megaera and Hades about his sentence, then pay the Contractor seven diamonds.4
Sea-God’s SpiteTake on the Pact of Punishment in the courtyard, then defeat Theseus after he calls on Poseidon for aid.3
A Friendly WagerLevel up Hermes affinity until he urges you to fight Charon. Defeat Charon twice after interacting with his coin bag to complete the quest.3
Divine PairingsUse all 28 duo boons.12
The Holy KingUnlock the Aspect of Arthur for the Stygian Blade.2
The Preserver’s AvatarUnlock the Aspect of Rama for the Heart-Seeking Bow.2
The Dragon’s RivalUnlock the Aspect of Beowulf for the Shield of Chaos.2
The Dawn BringerUnlock the Aspect of Lucifer for the Adamant Rail.2
The Fated Saint of WarUnlock the Aspect of Guan Yu for the Eternal Spear.2
Close at HeartEarn every keepsake and equip each one at least once. Earning them all will cost 23 nectar.2
The Gift of SongIncrease affinity with Orpheus until he teaches you to sing. May require you to increase affinity with Eurydice and Dionysus.1

Pact of Punishment and Theseus

The Pact of Punishment is a late-game item given to Zagreus by Hades after defeating the final boss. The Pact acts as another bounty board in the game that will make every run more difficult in some way or another. The pact will be available at the exit in the courtyard when you leave for each run. Each of the 15 bounties will give you stat debuffs or make some kind of change to increase the difficulty of the dungeons. Each bounty will also increase your heat level, which is an indicator of how difficult the dungeon will be.

Completing a run while using the Pact of Punishment will give you a bunch of valuable rewards. Every boss when defeated at a certain heat level or above will drop a Diamond, Ambrosia, or Titan Blood. The Theseus and Asterius boss fight is the best for farming Ambrosia.

Incrementally increase your heat level for each run and defeat Theseus to collect Ambrosia. He will only drop Ambrosia if you defeat him at a higher heat level than on your previous victory runs.