How to begin the Undaunted Event in The Elder Scrolls Online

Take the Pledge of the Undaunted.

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The week-long Undaunted Event for Elder Scrolls Online rewards players who venture into its dungeons. Bringing down bosses is the key to earning new loot and gear, whether going it alone or joining a party. The event revolves around a group of adventurers who take to diving into the deepest and darkest dungeons of Nirn seeking riches and glory. Here’s how to begin the Undaunted Event.

How to Start the Quest

You can begin the Undaunted Event in one of two ways:

  • Go to the Crown Store and accept the free Glory of the Undaunted quest
  • Complete any Delve or Dungeon by killing the final boss

Once you have the Glory of the Undaunted quest, you should head to Elden Root. Teleport to the Elden Root Wayshrine and make your way to the quest marker on the map. It will lead you to a tent where you will then need to speak with Serileth. She’ll ask you to speak with Bolgrul inside the tent. Strangely enough, the quest will not update to show where he can be found, so head inside the tent to the blue daily quest marker.

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The next part can be tricky for those who haven’t really explored Elder Scrolls’ many regions. Bolgrul will give you the quest Culinary Justice in Greenshade. It’s a long run for those who haven’t been there before but you’ll manage. You can also find a Wayshrine in Greenshade to speed up the process. The quest has you collect 10 Heritance Bounty as well as find Archamage Camaano’s liver. Head to the Naril Nagaia Delve in Greenshade to find everything you need.

  • Kill Heritance members to collect Heritance Bounty
  • Kill Archamage Camaano to loot his liver

Completing the quest from Bolgrul rewards you with an Undaunted Merit and Undaunted Rewards Box along with the Unaduanted Companion Skill. You can complete the quest from Bolgrul once a day until the event is over on November 30.