How to block 25 attacks in 10 seconds in Tribes of Midgard – Unlock the Sentinel

Become your group’s protective shield.

Image via Norsfell Games

You can unlock six classes in Tribes of Midgard that you can choose to become during a playthrough. How you go about accessing these classes has to do with the challenges surrounding them, and they can be pretty freeform. For example, if you want to unlock the Sentinel, you will need to block 25 attacks in 10 seconds, which can be challenging because not too many enemies in the game attack that quickly. However, we were able to unlock it by fighting a particular enough. This guide details how to block 25 attacks in 10 seconds so you can unlock the Sentinel class.

The quickest way we were able to unlock the Sentinel was to visit the Land of Pools. Here, many of the Blue Goblins spawned the tiny creatures that dropped small bones. Ideally, you want to gather up a small group of the Blue Goblins Throwers to start tossing rocks at you.

When we did it, we gathered up to five of them. Then, we ran away from them until all of the throwers were facing behind us, turned to face them, and blocked with our shield. In a matter of seconds, the Goblins had tossed multiple rocks at us, quickly stacking up the 25 attacks that we could easily block. While doing this, try to remember to release the blocking button between throws.

After you’ve done that, a notification will appear on the right side of your screen, showing you’ve completed the challenge. You won’t be able to turn it in until you complete your current Tribes of Midgard run and return to the main menu. While there, go to the progress tab on the upper portion of the screen, and turn in the challenge in the Class Challenges. You’ll be able to access the Sentinel class whenever you play Tribes of Midgard moving forward when you gain your first blessing.