How to break hearts in Borderlands 3’s Broken Hearts event

Destroy all of the hearts in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3’s latest event focuses on Valentine’s Day, and a day typically left concentrate on caring for each other’s loved ones and showing them affection. The event does not include any of this, instead of having you destroy floating hearts all over the galaxy. Maurice, the Sanctuary III’s resident sentient Saurian, wants to learn about the customs of love but is going about it uniquely. 

When you jump into your Borderlands 3 game from Feb. 13 to Feb. 20, the event should be underway, and you can start destroying hearts. You should see them above the enemy’s heads, floating around in the air. When you see them, you want to shoot and destroy them. Destroying the hearts causes a small area of effect explosion, hitting the enemies nearby. When you successfully break a heart, you should hear Maurice comment about it.

The different colored hearts have unique effects. Some of them will turn an enemy to your side and become an ally. Others explode into a mess of fire, damaging everything nearby. The effects vary based on the design of the heart. You can even break hearts and have an explosion of loot erupt from them. Regardless, your job is to destroy all of the hearts you see, and Maurice will reward you for your hard work. You have until Feb. 20 to destroy all of the hearts you encounter.

You have the option to leave the event. To do so, return to the main menu of your Borderlands 3 game and choose the vault hunter you want to play. Before you jump into the game, you should see an option to disable the event. Clicking it turns off all of the hearts, and you should no longer see them floating around. However, if you join an online game with a friend and they have not disabled the event, the hearts return.