How to Breed and Tame Bees in Minecraft

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Bees are the big new thing to hit Minecraft. They’re a neutral mob who wander the forest-based biomes in the game, fluttering around collecting pollen from flowers and creating honey. These little creatures are adorable, and they even interact with other bees in the game. Players have the opportunity to make more of them, collecting their honey by breeding them and creating beehives. Here’s how players can go about creating beehives to receive their own and breed bees.

How to Breed Bees in Minecraft

Locating the Bees

For those curious about where to find the bees in their Minecraft server, you want to stick to the grassy locations. You want to find a place with a high rate of flowers. We created a detailed breakdown of where you can find bees and learn about their behaviors here. Here’s a quick run of the best areas you’re going to find bees at in you game:

  • Plains
  • Sunflower Plains
  • Flower Forest

Of the three, the Flower Forest is your best option to run into them. You can see the bee nest hanging underneath trees, and you’re likely going to hear the iconic buzzing of the litter creatures wandering around nearby.

Busy Bee Breeding

To get these bees breeding with other bees, you’re going to need to pick a flower nearby and give it to them. You’ll notice when you pick up the flower that the bees are going to begin following you. When you give the flower to one of the hovering creatures, they’re going to enter a love mode and attempt to pair off with a nearby adult bee to create offspring. You do need to give another bee a flower to get them in the same love mode, but they should find each other if they’re close together.

After the bees have created a baby, they cannot make another for five minutes. The baby bee is going to take a full in-game day to become an adult, but you can speed by the process by feeding them flowers.

Unlike some creatures in Minecraft, you do not need to find a particular flower to give to your bee. They accept and enjoy any flower you’re going to locate around you.