How to build a shelter in Valheim

Use your wooden hut to hide from skeletons.

Having a place to escape the wildlife and the dangerous elements in Valheim is vital. A shelter provides protection from the rain and warmth at night. Additionally, workbenches and beds won’t be accessible unless they are inside a structure. This guide will walk you through how to build a shelter in Valheim.

How to build a shelter

Before you can start building, you need to craft a Hammer. You can make a Hammer with two stones and three pieces of wood. Harvest trees with a Stone Axe to quickly acquire wood. You will need about 20 pieces of wood to create a shelter capable of housing a bed and a workbench.

Equip the Hammer to your Hotbar and Right-Click. This will open the Building menu, allowing you to craft walls and other structures. For your first shelter, use the basic Wood Walls, as you want to get a house built as quickly as possible to gain access to the workbench. Use a Thatch roof to cover the top. You can use Left-Shift to Toggle Snapping, making it easier to connect objects.

What to put inside your shelter

After getting your workbench up and running, you’ll want to craft a bed. A bed allows you to respawn at your base whenever you die. You can craft a bed with eight pieces of wood via a workbench. If you plan on placing a fire inside your house, be sure to give it a chimney. If you leave a fire in your house without proper ventilation, the smoke will build up and damage you.