How to build the Minotaur Radar Array in No Man’s Sky

Give your Minotaur a scanner.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Minotaur is one of the most helpful Exocraft in No Man’s Sky. Once summoned, it can be used to hike across planets without fear of the hazardous environment they may play host to. However, you’ll lose your ability to manipulate the terrain, mine, and even scan unless you add some upgrades to it. This guide covers how to give your Minotaur a scanner with the Minotaur Radar Array upgrade.

How to build the Minotaur Radar Array

Before you can build the Minotaur Radar Array, you’ll need to acquire the upgrade. This is done by either purchasing it, discovering it organically by exploring the galaxy, or collecting it as a reward for certain Milestones in an Expedition.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have the upgrade, you can install it directly in your Minotaur. However, you’ll need to add the resources the upgrade requires before you can bring it online. The Minotaur Radar Array requires 75 Chromatic Metal, 50 Gold, and one Wiring Loom.

You can purchase Wiring Loom from any Galactic Trade Terminal and also find it in dropped salvaged on planets. Chromatic Metal is crafted by putting any base metal, such as Copper, through the Portable Refiner. Like many resources in the game, Gold can be purchased, but it’s also found in thick veins across the galaxy. Use your scanner to look for mineral deposits, and you’ll soon come across some Gold.

Once you’ve added all of these to the upgrade, it’ll bring the Minotaur’s scanner online. So now you can use a powerful scanner without needing to leave the Minotaur, allowing you to explore more efficiently and discover valuable items while using your mech.