How to buy pets in Sea of Thieves

A furry companion is available if you want it.

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The main focus in Sea of Thieves will always be the adventures you go on with your friends as you work to defeat various enemies, sometimes human players, and collect as much gold and treasure as possible. Most of the time, the items you end up acquiring for a long-term presence in the game are merely cosmetic, with limited interactivity. That being said, if you have a love of furry creatures, you can add one to follow you around and lounge on your ship. Here is how to buy pets in Sea of Thieves.

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How to get pets in Sea of Thieves

Unfortunately, if you want to add a pet to your crew in Sea of Thieves, you will likely need to spend some real-world money to acquire one. They can only be bought under the Pets tab in the Pirate Emporium with Ancient Coins. The basic animals are priced at a little over $5 worth of Ancient Coins, with more special versions costing under $7 and various outfits being available for $3. You can also purchase multiple animals in bundles costing $12.49.

While there is no limit to how many animals you can purchase in Sea of Thieves, each player in your crew can only have one of their pets out in the game at a time. To find them, locate the Pet’s Chest on your ship and interact with it. You can choose your pet, their costume, and change their name to whatever you want.

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When your pet is out, it will follow you around the world. Don’t worry; it can not be injured, so don’t worry about when you encounter enemies. It also will not help you attack enemies. You can pick them up and pet them, and it also will react to you playing a musical instrument.