How to cancel an ordinance in Animal Crossing New Horizons’ 2.0.0 Update

Set a new rule on your island.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Animal Crossing New Horizon’s 2.0.0 was released earlier than anticipated, making fans jump back into the game. This update is the last big, free content update for the game and Nintendo made sure to pack a lot in this one. With the addition of the much-requested Roost, fans are also seeing the return of Gyroids, multiple different shops like Harriet’s salon, and ordinances.

Originally introduced in New Leaf, ordinances allow players to set one rule for their island. There are four different ordinances players can choose from Beautiful Island, Bell Boom, Early Bird, and Night Owl, each one affecting the game differently.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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However, if you find that the ordinance you chose isn’t working out with your playstyle, you can always change it. Once your original ordinance has been enacted, you can go to Resident Services the next day and talk to Isabelle. Pick review island features and then discuss ordinances. From there, you can either select a new ordinance or drop the current one. Selecting a new ordinance will cost you 20,000 bells but canceling your current one is free. Whether you pick a new ordinance or cancel your current one, either option will take effect the following day at 6 AM. We recommend picking a new ordinance rather than just dropping your new one and having to wait a full day before selecting a new rule.