All new ordinances in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0.0 Update, and what they do

Control your island with ordinances.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Update 2.0.0 for Animal Crossing New Horizons brought in some new ordinances so you can change how your island residents behave and alter how your island operates. Are you money-focused and want to collect as many Bells as possible? Do you wake up early and want your island to operate based on your lifestyle? Check out the new ordinances.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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There are four new ordinances that you can enact on your island. Remember, only one ordinance can be active at one time, so choose the one that fits your playstyle the most. The ordinances are:

  • Beautiful Island
  • Bell Boom
  • Early Bird
  • Night Owl

Starting with the Beautiful Island Ordinance, this one makes it, so your island will become more beautiful. How? Well, it stops roaches from spawning in homes, prevents weeds from spawning as often, makes hybrid flowers grow more often, and stops you from being able to find trash in the water while fishing.

Next up is the Bell Boom Ordinance. This one makes the prices of items you’re selling skyrocket. The downside is that it also makes the price of items in shops increase as well. This ordinance is great for when you need to sell several items at one time and need the extra Bells for construction purposes.

The Early Bird Ordinance is for those of you who get up real early in the morning. Shops will now open up much earlier in the morning, and villagers will be seen walking the streets of your island earlier as well. This ordinance also makes the shops close early, and villagers go to sleep earlier as well.

The last ordinance is the Night Owl Ordinance. This one is the opposite of the Early Bird Ordinance and makes the shops open later in the day. Villagers will also start getting up later as well. Of course, this means that the shops will stay open later into the night, and villagers will also stay up late.