How to catch a clam in New World

Not really a fish, but it makes for great bait.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Clams can be a tricky creature to catch in New World. The only way you can catch them is to go fishing, but you might still struggle with this because of how many creatures you can capture. However, there are a few ways you can go about catching clams and breaking them down for valuable resources in New World.

When hunting for clams, you exclusively want to look for them in salt water sources. They won’t appear in freshwater. You also do not want to put any bait on your fishing pole. You’ll potentially increase the chances of catching something significantly better or even a fish if you do. So you’re better off using nothing while also not throwing your line out too far and keeping to the shallow water. Location matters, as well. You want to make sure you’re fishing for them at First Light and Weaver’s Fen saltwater regions.

Clams are pretty easy to reel in with your fishing pole. You shouldn’t fight it too much. When you catch it, you’ll want to salvage a clam to break it down into bait or potentially find a pearl inside it. These pearls are a little bit rarer to find, so you can’t expect always to find one whenever you salvage these creatures.