How to catch a flying Pikachu in Pokémon Go

Look in the sky, it’s a Pikachu!

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go will have its first virtual Pokémon Go Fest on July 25. Developer Niantic is preparing fans by releasing weekly challenges leading up to it, along with celebrating Pokémon Go‘s fourth-anniversary. The challenges start on July 3, and a unique flying Pikachu will be available for you to find in the wild starting on that date. There are several ways to capture it during the fourth-anniversary three-week celebration, and there is a shiny version of it available.

Flying Pikachu will be a purely Electric-type Pokémon, not a hybrid of a Flying and Electric-type. To catch it, you can encounter it in the wild during the first week of the fourth-anniversary timed research tasks, which start on July 3 and end on July 8. It will be able to spawn somewhere in the wild, in eggs, and will have raid appearances throughout the event. One of the Timed Research tasks for the first week of the fourth-anniversary challenges, the Skill week, also features a guaranteed flying Pikachu encounter. For those struggling to find a flying Pikachu, you can take a picture of any of your Pokémon and one will photobomb your picture. After the photobomb, return to the overworld of the game and you see that one has spawned nearby.

You will likely be unable to evolve this Pikachu, much like many of the event-themed Pikachu in the game. For those looking out for a flying Pikachu in the wild, try seeing if they are available in your area and check what PokéStops is actively circling. After encountering at least one, you will see their full outline in the nearby notification screen, making it easier to seek out and find them. You can always use an incense item to lure Pokémon to your location rather than walk around to catch them.