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How to catch a guaranteed shiny Flutter Mane in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Catch it while you can.

If you’re looking to go out of your way to catch a shiny Flutter Mane in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, there might be a way to do this outside of randomly finding one in the wild. You will need to have completed the main game to reach this point, and you will need the Pokémon Scarlet version. However, if you own Pokémon Violet, you can always go out of your way to share this method with a friend who owns Scarlet and have them trade it with you. Here’s what you need to know about how to catch a shiny Flutter mane in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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Where to find the guaranteed shiny Flutter Mane in Pokémon Scarlet

The way you go about this is relatively simple. Again, make sure you’ve completed the main story in Pokémon Scarlet, and you’ve reached Area Zero and freely explore it to find every Paradox Pokémon available. Now, before you enter Area Zero, make sure to eat an Encounter Three sandwich for Ghost or Fairy-type Pokémon, which is Flutter Mane’s typing.

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You can do this by making a sandwich with Cucumber, Pickle, and then three servings of Red Onion, and then a Spicy and Sour Herba Mystica to focus on Ghost-types. Alternatively, you can focus on Fairy-types and make a sandwich with Cucumber, Pickle, and then three servings of Tomato, with a Sweet and Bitter Herba Mystica.

After you’ve made the sandwich and you have your meal powers, return to Area Zero and dive straight into the middle of the area. You’ll fall to the bottom, and there will be a large pool of water. If you do this during the day, there won’t be any other Pokémon around this area. However, if you trigger a shiny Flutter Mane, it will be the only Pokémon in this area, and you can freely catch it and add it to your collection. You can repeat this process as often as possible, so long as it’s the middle of the day.

The method appears to be an exploit of the game, and it will likely be patched in at some point. However, before Nintendo or the Pokémon Company do this, you want to grab as many of them as possible before a live patch goes through.

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