How to catch a snail in New World

Where do you need to go?

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Fishing can be a regular pastime for you in New World, and it can become an extremely rewarding activity if you’re willing to sink your teeth into it and level up. For those eager to get some quickly level up, a type of creature you’ll want to try capturing is a snail. With a snail, you’ll be able to salvage it to turn one into snail bait for fishing, and you can acquire snail oil to use in crafting recipes.

You can catch snails by fishing for them in freshwater sources. You don’t want to go searching around the outer border of New World, where you can only find saltwater locations. We had the best luck searching for them in the First Light region, primarily in the Fishing Hotspot locations. There are two to the northwest of the North Light Hamlet, with one being up over by Northfork. Some players have also reported acquiring snails from Everfall Fishing Hotspot locations.

When fishing for snails, we’ve found that you want to use Firefly Bait, Woodlouse Bait, or Bread Bait. Some players have reported you don’t have to use any bait at all to catch it, but we’ve had the most success with those three types of bait while fishing in freshwater sources.

To harvest a snail for its critical resources, you’ll need to salvage it in your inventory. The snail oil has a chance of dropping, whereas the snail bait has the best chance of appearing after salvaging it.