How to catch all Battlegills in Sea of Thieves

Everything you need to know to catch all five Battlegills.

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Battlegills are a tricky fish species to catch in Sea of Thieves. To find and catch Battlegills, you must fish in High Danger Areas. These include the waters around Skeleton Ships, active Skeleton Forts, active Fort of Fortunes, or an active Fort of the Damned. Finding one of these active areas shouldn’t be too hard — just look for giant, skull-faced clouds in the sky and sail toward them. You could also just sail around the Sea of Thieves looking for the green and blue lanterns of Skeleton Ships, get within range without attacking (roughly 100 yards or so), and start fishing. The battle music doesn’t have to be playing for Battlegills to appear near Skeleton Ships.

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves Wiki

Before setting sail, make sure to dig up some Grubs from sand or find some in Barrels, as they’re required for bait. The pool of fish you can potentially catch will be limited to just Battlegills and Splashtails. If you’re fishing in The Devil’s Roar, however, you will also have to deal with Devilfish. In terms of pricing: Battlegills sell for less than Stormfish, the same as Wreckers, and more than all other fish. We always recommend fishing with a larger crew to maximize the number of fish you catch and the odds of catching rarer fish, but we definitely recommend bringing friends along when going for Battlegills so they can watch your back while you’re fishing, if needed.

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Jade Battlegill

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The Jade Battlegill is the Base variant of Battlegill, making it the easiest to find. Assuming you get the chance to make a few decents casts near a High Danger Area, you should quickly find the Jade. If not, keep trying, as the odds are certainly in your favor. The shape of Battlegills makes them look somewhat like Devilfish and Splashtails in the water, but the Jade’s green body and pinkish-orange fins make it easy to identify. One regular raw Jade Battlegill sells for 375 Gold at Seaposts.

Sky Battlegill

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The Sky Battlegill is the Common variant of Battlegill. It’s almost a given that you’ll come across one within 10 casts or so, but you could also be unlucky. What’s not so great about fishing for the Sky is that it can easily be confused with the Indigo Splashtail because of its similar size and color. To avoid this mistake, pay attention to the Sky’s more angular face, deep-blue body, and light blue stripes. One regular raw Sky Battlegill sells for 450 Gold at Seaposts.

Rum Battlegill

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The Rum Battlegill is the Uncommon variant of Battlegill, meaning you may have to fish in a few different battles to finally catch one, depending on how long you’re able to fish while in a High Danger Area. Because of its brown color and standard size relative to Splashtails and Devilfish, it might be hard to tell if it’s a Rum Battlegill circling your line or something else. Just rule out what fish it isn’t, do your best to identify the Rum’s brown color and angular features, and hope you identify correctly. You can also alter your display or in-game brightness settings if you’re struggling too much. One regular raw Rum Battlegill sells for 525 Gold at Seaposts.

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Sand Battlegill

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The Sand Battlegill is the Rare variant of Battlegill, and it can be a pain to find. Since High Danger Areas are often temporary, fishing for Battlegills may require lots of moving around without long periods of fishing. This means it could take hours before you finally come across one, as you can’t marathon a fishing session with Battlegills as easily as you can with other fish species. That, or you could be very lucky and find it immediately. Fish with a larger crew to maximize your odds. Its albino color palette makes it easy to identify, though it does look similar to the Seashell Devilfish if you happen to be in The Devil’s Roar. One regular raw Sand Battlegill sells for 3,750 Gold at Seaposts.

Bittersweet Battlegill

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The Bittersweet Battlegill is the Night variant of Battlegill. Like other Night variants, this fish glows in the water and can only be caught at night. However, given that you have to be in a High Danger Area at night to find one, putting yourself in the position to catch one of these can be a bit challenging. On the bright side, it should be a fairly common sight once the conditions are met, and you can spot it right away since it glows orange in the water. One regular raw Bittersweet Battlegill sells for 450 Gold at Seaposts.

While out on the seas — whether fishing or plundering — remember to always check Shipwreck Barrels, Barrels of Plenty, Skeleton Ship Food Barrels, Rowboat Chests, and Storage Crates for random fish spawns. You might just come across the one you need.