How to catch Espurr at one-star raids in Pokémon Go

Espurr was one of the prime suspects.

Image via Niantic

The Pokémon Go Twitter page has teased the release of a surprise raid encounter for trainers the participate in and capture an exclusive Pokémon. Many have been attempting to figure out what it is since it was initially announced on their blog at the start of November, and it’s only on November 28 do players find out what it is. The tease for the Pokémon raid release occurred six hours before it came out, and all trainers had to go on was the timer, but it turns out the Pokémon was Espurr.

Espurr will be the first Pokémon ahead of the generation six Pokémon to release to the mobile game. To capture it, you’ll need to participate in the one-star raids over the weekend. Because it’s a one-star raid, all trainers need to battle it themselves to capture it. You’ll need to find it available in one of the many raids in the game. The only indication that you have that it could be available as a raid is a one-star egg waiting to be hatched. It’ll appear an hour before the encounter becomes ready, but when it pops, it will be Espurr or one of the other one-star Pokémon you can battle.

How to beat Espurr

Because Espurr is a one-star raid, you should be able to beat it on your own, Espurr is a Psychic-type Pokémon, making it weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type attack, but it’s resistant to Fighting and Psychic-type moves.

You have a variety of Pokémon you can use against Espurr to take it down. You can use Mega Gengar, Chandelure, Tyranitar, Darkrai, Bisharp, Metagross, Weavile, Alolan Muk, Absol, Drifblim, and many others. After you beat Espurr in the raid, you’ll have the chance to capture it. If you capture enough Espurr, you might be able to evolve it into a Meowstic, but there is a male and female version.