How to catch Galarian Zigzagoon in Pokémon Go Luminous Legends Y event

Galarian Zigzagoon can only be found doing specific things.

Image via Niantic

Galarian Zigzagoon is one of the few Galarian Pokémon you can encounter in Pokémon Go. These Pokémon typically appear during exclusive events. They’re a great addition to the game for any Pokémon collector looking to expand their collection and want to improve their rosters. Galarian Zigzagoon’s evolved form, Obstagoon, is an exceptional Pokémon for players to use in the Great and Ultra Leagues. It’s primarily a defensive Pokémon that can spam its attacks, making it a great Pokémon to eliminate and bait an opponent’s shields. During the Luminous Legends Y event, there are a handful of ways for you to obtain Galarian Zigzagoon, and later, its shiny form.

This form of Zigzagoon will primarily be available for you to catch through field research tasks. The field task you want to go after is the one where you need to defeat a Team Go Rocket leader. The only way you encounter one of these leaders is to receive a Rocket Radar. You can obtain them after defeating six Team Rocket grunts, collecting the mysterious components, and then equipping the newly crafted Rocket Radar.

Alternatively, for the Team Rocket-themed Timed Research happening during the event, all players will be able to earn a handful of Galarian Zigzagoon encounters. These encounters are limited, so you don’t want to rely on these opportunities entirely. Your main focus will be the field research tasks.

There will be a second part to the Luminous Legends Y event. The entire happens from May 17 to 31, and on May 25, the second part of the event starts. Should players globally defeat 25 million Team Rocket grunts between May 15 to 23, they’ll unlock Galarian Zigzagoon raids. It will be a one star raid, and it can spawn at any raid location within your area. It also unlocks Galarian Zigzagoon’s shiny form.

There are only a handful of ways to encounter this Pokémon and catch it. Unfortunately, it won’t be appearing in the wild, but at least the methods are not entirely based on chance, such as the field research tasks. So long as you find the correct one at a Pokéstops, you’ll receive a Galarian Zigzagoon encounter upon completing it. The Luminous Legends Y event ends on May 31.