How to catch Seedot during December 2021’s Community Day in Pokémon Go

Where can you catch Seedot during Pokémon Go’s December 2021 Community Day event?

Image via Niantic

You’ll be on the hunt for several Pokémon during the December 2021 Community Day event in Pokémon Go. These Pokémon were previously featured in the 2020 and 2021 Pokémon Community Day events, which means there’s a chance they could be a shiny, and if you evolve them they can have an exclusive move. If you’re on the hunt for Seedot, you can find it in an exclusive place. Here’s what you need to know about catching Seedot during the December 2021 Community Day event in Pokémon Go.

You can’t find Seedot in the wild during this event. Instead, it will only spawn in two locations, raid battles or 2km eggs. Of the two, the raid battles are a bit easier because you can see that Seedot will be a reward for completing it. After you defeat Seedot at the raid, you can catch it, and there’s a chance that it could be a shiny version. If you place a 2km egg in the incubator, there’s also a chance it could hatch into a Seedot.

While the raid battles make it more transparent you’re going to catch a specific Pokémon, they’re a bit more costly because you have to use a raid pass or a remote raid pass to participate in the event. However, the 2km eggs have less chance to contain a Seedot because it could contain any of the other potential Pokémon. You’re better off with the raid battles if you need to catch a Seedot, though.

You can only find Seedot spawning in these two locations during the December 2021 Community Day event.