How to celebrate in Madden 21

Nothing like watching Lamar dance after a 50-yard run.

Although Madden 21 seems like more of a simulator than its arcady processors, big moment celebrations are more whimsical than ever – and more frequent. In terms of tradition, EA Sports continues to give players two types of celebrations, one in-game and one for presentation’s sake. It may get a bit confusing, with some of them taking a simple sway of the analog stick, while others need to be activated with a combination of button presses.

First off, before your touchdown celebration is underway, those clear of any defenders can also showboat with the ball. This usually means that players going in for a six points dance and tout others before even getting into the end zone. This can be done by holding down both back triggers (LT and RT or L2 and R2) and the bottom face button (A on PlayStation or X on Xbox) at the same time.

As for touchdown or big gain celebrations, a bar underneath the scoreboard will pop up and state “Savor the Moment.” This is when players will have to be prepared, as a prompt to celebrate then comes up for about five seconds. As instructed, you can then use the right stick to choose from four familiar celebration options: team, dance, signature, and spike. It’s as easy as that!

And Madden continues the trend of including popular player celebrations, so you still have full access to moves like Gronk’s ball spike and Cam Newton’s Superman pose. So if you’re able to showboat and dance in the end zone after, you shouldn’t be surprised if online competition disconnects from the match right after.